March Madness Bracket Challenge

March Madness is here! Submit your bracket and join the fun as we follow the men’s and women’s tournaments for this March Madness Bracket Challenge Event.

This free event will be on-going through the entire March Madness Tournament for both men and women. Each participant is allowed to submit one bracket per tournament, one for men’s and one’s for women for a total of two brackets. You cannot submit two brackets within the same tournament.

Brackets can be submitted through ESPN’s Tournament Challenge no later than Thursday, March 16th at 8:00am. Decorah Parks and Recreation has provided links for participants to join and submit their bracket below. Points will be awarded to participants whose teams advance throughout the tournament. Participants with the most points will be eligible to win awesome prizes and fan gear!

If you do not have an ESPN Account, select the first link below to sign up and then register (IT’S FREE). Once you are registered, you may either select the appropriate link provided or search for “2023 Decorah Parks and Rec” in the Search for Group section.

Once you reach the 2023 Decorah Parks and Rec page, select the “Create A Bracket Now!” and follow the prompts that will add you to the group.

As a reminder, brackets do not open until Sunday March 12th, Men’s at 6:00pm and Women’s at 8:00pm. As of now you may join the group, but will have wait to submit your bracket until it becomes available!

Create Your ESPN Account to Join The Bracket Challenge!

2023 Decorah Parks and Rec (Men’s Bracket)

2023 Decorah Parks and Rec (Women’s Bracket)