Visiting Dunning’s Spring Park & Ice Cave

Dunning’s Spring Park and Ice Cave have been extremely busy this season. Visitors should park in the gravel lot near the river on the south side of Ice Cave Road. If the parking lot is full visitors may park along Ice Cave Road. Please be respectful of private property.

Dunning’s Spring Waterfall: From the gravel parking lot it is about a 200 yard walk along the paved drive to Dunning’s Spring Waterfall. Please note, there is not parking at the waterfall. The paved drive is open to drop off traffic for those with mobility concerns.

Ice Cave: From the gravel parking lot it is about a ½ mile walk east on Ice Cave Road to the cave. Ice Cave is open to the public with no fee for admission. The cave narrows significantly after the first 10 yards. For more information about the geology of Ice Cave, click here.