Fair Fun Run Results

Fair Fun Run Results

The 29th annual Decorah Parks and Recreation Fair Fun Run sponsored by Deco Products Company, Gundersen Health System, Oneota Valley Family Eye Care, Prairie Lakes Church, Stanley Engineered Fastening, and the Family Table, was held on Saturday, July 17th with 90 people registering. The overall male champion in the 3-mile run was Chance Adam of Calmar with a time of 17:56.0. The overall female champion was Brynn Storhoff of Decorah with a time of 21:50.0.  Kids 12 and under were also able to participate in a ¾ mile run.  The overall male champion of the kid’s race was Abram Cummings of Decorah with a time of 4:28.0; the overall female champion was Andi Dibble of Decorah with a time of 5:28.1.  Medals were awarded to 1st through 3rd place finishers in each division.

Kids Race (3/4 mile)

Male 6 & under: Felipe Hernandez, Decorah (6:37.1), Abel Baker, Decorah (6:45.3), Putnam Dibble, Decorah (10:01.4)

Male 7-8: Eli Lyon, Decorah (4:45.0), Judah Mutsune, Decorah (4:58.2), Ossie Nordschow, Decorah (5:00.1)

Male 9-10: Abram Cummings, Decorah (4:28.0), Oskar Simon, Decorah (4:40.5), Brecklin Dodd, Decorah (4:40.9)

Male 11-12: Carlton Norschow, Decorah (5:04.0), Logan Nalean-Carlson, Decorah (5:18.3), Brooks Dodd, Decorah (5:54.7)

Female 6 & under:  Ada Lyon, Decorah (6:19.2), No 2nd or 3rd place

Female 7-8:  Andi Dibble, Decorah (5:28.8), Petra Simon, Decorah (6:16.2), Jaylah Dodd, Decorah (6:56.1)

Female 9-10:  Lydia Fankhauser, Decorah (7:57.0), no 2nd or 3rd place

Female 11-12:  Rachel Weis, Decorah (5:47.4), no 2nd or 3rd place

3-Mile Run

Male 14 & under: Oak Pasche, Decorah (20:21.1), Kyle Pattison, Decorah (21:32.6), Carson Bohner, Decorah (21:33.0)

Male 15-19: Chance Adam, Calmar (17:56.0), Henry Weis, Decorah (17:57.2), Travis Nordheim, Decorah (20:35.6)

Male 20-29:  Peter Kephart, Eau Claire, WI (21:02.8), Zach Steffans, Postville (22:50.3), James Mulvihill. Decorah (26:40.0)

Male 30-39:  Justin Scardina, Decorah (21:38.0), Ben Stenseth, Calmar (37:47.0), Kyle Dahl, Decorah (50:48.1)

Male 40-49:  Michael Casterton, Decorah (21:54.6), no 2nd or 3rd place

Male 50 & over: Jim See, Decorah (22:27.1), Scott Hervey, Decorah (22:51.6), Tom Shroyer (23:11.0)

Female 14 & under: Deborah Hougen, Decorah (22:36.0), Anastasia Simon, Decorah (22:43.2), Clara Hjelle, Decorah (22:43.4)

Female 15-19:  Brynn Storhoff, Decorah (21:50.1), No 2nd or 3rd place

Female 20-29: Elizabeth Uhlenhake, Ossian (27:56.0), Alice Kephart, Eau Claire, WI (28:16.1), Clare Gullekson, Minneapolis, MN (35:01.0)

Female 30-39: Amber Uhlenhake, Ossian (22:24.2), Megan Lyon, Decorah (23:21.6), Stacy Miner, Postville (25:31.0)

Female 40-49:  Amy Robinson, Decorah (24:05.0), Kristin Fankhauser, Decorah (30:42.3), Gwen Strand, Decorah (34:47.0)

Female 50 & over:  Linda Hougen, Decorah (28:26.0), Beth Pesavento, Lemont, IL (26:07.2), no 3rd place