• Pets are welcome.  Must be leashed at all times.  Must not be left unattended.  Please pick‐up after them.
  • All campers must register prior to occupying a site.  (18 yrs & older)
  • Self registration envelopes are available outside the office for after‐hours registration.
  • Campers will receive a card to be placed on the post at their site.  All sleeping units must be registered.
  • Check‐out time is 1:00 PM.
  • Please help keep our campground green.  No rugs or carpet on the grass.


  • All sites will have a grill and picnic table provided.  No charcoal grills on the tables please.
  • Please respect your neighbors…police your site.
  • Quiet hours start at 10:00 pm.
  • After hours disturbances call the Decorah Police – (563‐382‐3667)
  • Please recycle…place trash in the dumpsters.
  • Mondays and Tuesdays are mowing days.  Be aware of your belongings in the grass.  Help us  keep the campground clean and well groomed.


  • There is a two (2) week maximum stay.
  • A maximum of (2) tents may be added to certain RV occupied sites.  They will be charged a daily tent fee and a sticker added to the card.
  • A rain fly or dining canopy may be added to sites without charge.
  • Park accordingly if you wish to use rugs.  Give yourself room to keep them off the grass.  Keep your wheels on the gravel pad.


  • There is a two (2) week maximum stay.  For stays longer than 4 days you need to move your tent every 4 days to avoid damage to the grass.
  • Tents may be added to an occupied site.  They will be charged a daily fee.  Tent stickers will be added to the site card to ID additional tents.
  • A rain fly or dining canopy may be added to sites without charge.  There is a maximum combination of three (3) tents and canopies in total at any single site.  (Note: If you sleep in it, it’s a tent and you will be charged.)
  • Electrical sites will have a corresponding numbered outlet at the electric box.  Use your site numbered outlet only.
  • Park in designated areas.