Winter Trail & Recreation Information

Updated January 24, 2021

The following trails were groomed Sunday, January 24, 2021.

  • Carlson Park
  • Trout Run Trail
  • Ice Cave Rd
  • Palisades Park

Plowed Walking Routes – new this season!

Staff will plow routes for walking throughout the winter season.

  • Route #1: East end of Dug Road, along Trout Run Trail to 5th street bridge. Cross 5th street bridge heading north, travel west on Ice Cave Road & return to the east end of Dug Road using sidewalk along College Drive.
  • Route #2: Starting at 5th Ave Bridge, travel south along bike trail to Pulpit Rock Campground. Pulpit Rock Campground will be plowed for pedestrians to walk loops around the campground and can return to 5th Ave bridge via the bike trail.
  • Route #3: Freeport trail is plowed from Bowstring Bridge to Haugen Hummel. Pedestrians can park in the parking lot by bowstring bridge or in the northwest corner of the Walmart Parking lot.

Ice Skating Rink

The skating rink opened for the season January 1, 2021. The warming house and restrooms are closed due to COVID-19, but a porta potty is available. There is no rink attendant. Please obey signage and be mindful of cones which indicate poor ice conditions. Park-Rec staff will continue to add water to the rink evenings when overnight temperatures dip into the teens. It is important that individuals stay off the rink after it is flooded to give water time to freeze and make good ice.

Ice skates can be rented from Decorah Bicycles.