Each individual/senior/special needs pass purchaser and each person included on a family pass will be issued their own uniquely numbered card to present for admission each pool visit.  If you lose your card, $5.00 will have to be paid at the Park-Rec. Office for a Replacement.

Pass CategoryPass Fee
Individual (4-64 yrs)TBA
Senior (65 yrs & over)TBA
Special Needs PatronsTBA
Family (2 members)TBA
Family (3-4 members)TBA
Family (5 or more members)TBA

"Family" is defined as all immediate family members 4 years and older residing at the same address--this would include children home from college, children of divorced parents who have joint custody, stepchildren and foster children. It does not include babysitters, ex-spouses or visiting relatives (sons, daughters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.)


Don't need a season pass but dislike the hassle of paying each time?  Purchase a punch card pass, you will get 12 pool admissions for the price of 10.  It'll save you time and money!  It's also ideal for visiting friends and relatives. More than one person can use the same pass if they are in the same age category.  Daily Admission Fees are free for ages 3 and under,  $5.00 for ages 4-64 yrs, and $4.00 for ages 65 yrs and up.

Pass CategoryMay be purchased at this price the entire season
Individual (4-64 yrs)$50
Senior (65 yrs & over)$40
Special Needs Patrons$40