ADULT AQUACISES - 18 yrs & up

An aquatic workout using resistance to the water resulting in muscle toning for arms, stomach, hips and legs, along with flexibility and cardiovascular fitness.

Fee:  regular daily admission or season/punch pass

7:45-8:45 am class:  Mon thru Fri, June 11 thru  August 22, JoAnn Kjome, instructor.

12:00-1:00 pm:  Mon thru Fri, May 28 thru August 22.  There is no instructor, but adults are invited to exercise on their own.

ADULT SWIM LESSONS – 18 years & up

JoAnn Kjome will instruct this beginning level swim class.

(#88-19)  July 30-Aug 3, 11 am-noon   Max  8   Fee:  $35

Registration Deadline:  July 20