ADULT SWIM WORKOUTS – 18 years & up

All participants must have a season pass to the pool.  Registration fees must be paid and pass purchased by June 9.  Laura Storlie will lead the classes, which run from June 12 thru July 20.  Both levels are offered at the time slots below so please indicate the level you are signing up for when registering.

INTRO TO FITNESS SWIMMING – designed for varied ability levels and those wanting to boost their technique and endurance.
MASTERS SWIM WORKOUTS - designed for those with swimming experience, good for developing endurance, technique & overall fitness.

(#88-17)  Mon, 5:30-6:30 pm            Max:  12   Fee:  $15
(#88-18)  Tues & Thurs, 10-11 am    Max:  18   Fee:  $30

ADULT AQUACISES - 18 yrs & up

An aquatic workout using resistance to the water resulting in muscle toning for arms, stomach, hips and legs, along with flexibility and cardiovascular fitness. 

Fee:  regular daily admission or season/punch pass 

7:45-8:45 am class:  Mon thru Fri, June 12 thru  August 22, JoAnn Kjome, instructor.

12:00-1:00 pm class:  Mon & Wed, June 5 thru August 21, Barb Mahr, instructor.  Tues & Thur, June 6 thru August 22, Laura Storlie, instructor.  There is no instructor on Friday, but adults may exercise on their own.

ADULT SWIM LESSONS – 18 years & up

JoAnn Kjome will instruct this beginning level swim class.

(#88-19)  July 31-Aug 4, 11 am-noon   Max  8   Fee:  $35

Registration Deadline:  July 21